New Home Nations Logo

Mar 12, 2021

Four home nations promote new logo to show a position of unity & shared values between each of the chefs’ organisations

Home Nations

“When needed, this partnership will allow is to become one stronger voice within the industry.”
Neil Thomson
World Chefs Continental Director for Europe North

“We are all looking forward to reaching newly proposed objectives whilst achieving continued success.”
Peter Griffiths MBE
President, British Culinary Federation

“The strengthening of the Home Nations partnership is secured with the development of the Home Nations logo at a time when our industry needs a strong collective voice so that we can set out on the road to recovery and rebuild the economy of our nations.”
Arwyn Watkins OBE
President, Culinary Association of Wales

“Collaboration between our four nations can prove to be a very effective tool to strengthen, share and accelerate our joint development in becoming a stronger voice in British and Irish hospitality. It involves creating, adapting, transferring and sharing knowledge and experiences to improve our industry, whilst also making the most of existing resources.”
Kevin MacGillivray
President, Scottish Chefs

“The Panel of Chefs Ireland welcomes the Home Nations partnership with the British Culinary Federation, Federation of Chefs Scotland and the Culinary Association of Wales. The collaboration between our culinary communities will develop mutual respect and support for our culinary activities, educational opportunities, membership development and strong partner engagement within the hospitality industry.”
Patrick Brady
National President, The Panel of Chefs Ireland